Dorper Sheep

Dorper Sheep

Registered Sheep

When we started in the sheep business we were very fortunate to be able to meet Vince Kurchner of Cherry Mountain Dorpers just as he was retiring and we were able to buy his flock, which was known for wonderful genetics.  Cherry Mountain Dorpers started its flock by selecting the very best ewes around the nation and breeding them to the 2007 National Champion Dorper Ram from Riverwood Farms in Ohio.  The great #4333 ram laid the foundation for Cherry Mountain Dorpers to become a top producer of superb Dorper sheep.

We were also fortunate to meet David Farmer of Farmers Dorpers.  His full blood Dorper Sheep carry a strong Dorper bloodline and we were proud to add his sheep to our herd.  The Farmer bloodlines include Yucca Lilly, Summa, Karoo, Kaya, and 3C blood lines.

Since we started our goal has been to produce sheep that will raise superior offspring. Dorpers were developed to be a hardy, easy keeping breed of sheep that can endure various climates and range conditions.  Although many of Highline Dorpers lambs have done very well in show rings, the main focus of the ranch is to produce and sell sheep that align with breed standards. Highline Dorpers maintains such focus by managing a breeding program that produces sheep that are hardy, productive, good mothers, and appealing to the eye.

Commercial Sheep

Our commercial sheep are very high in Dorper blood percentage and they grow fast and they are hardy and easy to keep.  They are great for a backyard pets, or for a bigger flock they are more profitable than commercial cattle on a per acre basis.